Tips For Attending an HR Interview

An efficient plan always comes out to be helpful to reach a destination. Below are some of the tips that you should keep in mind if you are preparing for an HR interview:

  • Understand the Job position you are applying for. Gather every possible detail about the job position you are applying for like, the skill set required for the particular job, educational qualifications etc.
  • Match the requirement of the company to your resume and profile. Try to match the requirement of the job opening to your resume and the profiles you are sharing with the recruiter. This will surely increase your chances of getting hired if you can justify your knowledge of the skills that match with the company’s requirement.
  • Go through your resume and make sure that you have listed all important detail about you and the details listed by you are true as per your knowledge.Prepare yourself to answer any possible question that can be asked on the basis of your resume.
  • Research about the company like their achievements, tech stack they are working on, work-life balance etc.
  • Prepare yourself mentally by asking questions to yourself.

Tips for the Interview Day:

There is not much to be discussed in this section but still, precaution is always better so we will discuss a few points that are needed to be taken care of during an interview.

  • Do not try to fake yourself. This is the first and the foremost thing that is needed to be taken care of. Do not bluff in front of the HR manager, be yourself.
  • Be truthful about anything you are speaking about and try to avoid giving irrelevant answers.
  • Dress comfortably. Wear whatever you are comfortable with but make sure to keep it formal and as simple as possible with the minimum number of accessories.
  • Maintain Personal Hygiene. A personal Hygiene check list is must :-
    • Make sure your cloth is clean, ironed and with mild fragrance.
    • Perfect Hand and Nails.
    • Try to maintain good oral health and Hygiene.
    • Arrange your hair properly and make sure about the cleanness part.
  • Try to be interactive with the HR manager. Do not sound dull. Always wear a smile on your face.
  • First Job interview is one of the most important days of everyone’s life, so make sure to reach the venue on time.

Good Luck !

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