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Steps we follow for recruitment

About Us

We are Nisus, a consulting firm who has good experience in recruiting. We are a fantastic team of passionate recruiters with the skills that are required to find the best candidates. We offer a wide range of services, listening to what exactly our client requirement is and we have the right skills and technology to help. Our approach is very different, we are pioneering and innovative, which is very important in this fast-moving world.

Nisus is a results-driven company by building a reputation based on collaboration and innovation. We understand the importance of being cost-effective. So we will deliver the best solution that suits your requirements. We are experts in executive search to the recruitment process outsourcing. So we integrate our practical experience with scientific research to recruit professionals of all levels of our clients. We also help organizations key business requirements and recognize the world-class talent which is needed to execute their strategy.

Our Mission

As we all know that good business can transform the world, only if they have an excellent idea. Our mission is to make top talent in key growth roles so that mission-led businesses can increase their growth by doing good.

Who we work with

We work with business partners who want to grow by making a positive difference. Few businesses have benefited from our result-driven approach to professional search.

What makes us unique?

Our professional service for both “executive” and “non-executive” roles ensures to get the best key to drive growth and success. We also share the values and make sure that the new hires will fit your requirements.

Recruitment Process


We are Nisus consultancy, who are responsible for attracting candidates for jobs and hiring them to temporary or permanent positions for our client companies. We screen candidates, interview them, run a background check and finally match them to our clients. Our focus lies in ensuring that we maintain a diverse and extensive database of available candidates from which to make the perfect match to our client’s requirements. Nisus consultancy also provides the experience and understanding required for a recruitment solution to excel. Our expert team can understand your business and execute accordingly to find the perfect professional to fill it.

Strategic Planning

Our strategic planning helps our clients to execute and develop an integrated strategic plan which builds clarity on a game plan for future success. We plan a strategy with industry experience to help our clients identify strategies that increase their revenue by improving their competitive position. Our strategy planning also helps our clients grow faster and increase the value of their business. We also examine the company’s product range, the skills of their employees, its customer base and marketing communication to build the company’s current capabilities.


Talent acquisition is probably the most important factor of HR. Make it right and not only will your business thrive but HR will be able to focus on activities that take your business value to the next level, rather than spending time managing issues related to employees who should have never been hired. This is the major key role that many organizations decide to partner with an expert consultancy. Nisus Consultancy focuses on managing critical activities, which enables you to focus on running your business.



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